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Bürkert at Hannover Messe 2016

Competence and creativity for individual customer solutions

At Hannover Messe from 25 - 29 April, Bürkert’s fluidics experts are firing up their ‘competence machine’. The exhibit combines different physical principles of process measuring and control technology and demonstrates how the experience of the Bürkert experts is used to create solutions for diverse applications and industries.

Liquids and gases can be measured, controlled, mixed, dosed and filtered. Flow rates, temperatures, pressures and filling levels are automatically controlled. Industrial process engineering is based on these basic fluid technology principles. That is the focus of Bürkert’s knowledge and expertise – developing unique solutions using innovative methods.

Bürkert understands the industrial requirements of its customers, but thinks outside the box: good ideas and solutions spread from one area of application to another. That is why Bürkert always approaches problems from the physical point of view.

To make this process understandable and to foster creative dialogue with the trade fair visitors, the Bürkert experts have developed what they call a competence machine for the Hannover Messe. It serves as the point of departure for brainstorming and demonstrates the handling of fluids on the basis of physical principles. Bürkert developed the competence machine to establish a connection to the four segments Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro and to demonstrate how the same basic principle can be used in widely differing applications and industries. Customers can draw on a much larger pool of competence than with more conventional methods and hence receive an individual solution that far exceeds the industry standard.

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