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Pilot-controlled solenoid valves – Type 6240 and 6281

The compact solenoid valves from the Bürkert range offer a wide range of tried and tested seal materials and voltage versions. The standard series can therefore be quickly and flexibly adapted specific to the application from a single source.


In the SCR area the pilot-controlled solenoid valves are used to control high air rates. The different operating principles allow the valves to be adapted optimally to the particular application areas. A block integration also enables a very compact construction.


Servo-assisted 2/2 way  piston valve

Servo-assisted 2/2 way piston valve

Type 6240

  • Servo-assisted and compact piston valve with diameter of up to DN 13
  • Vibration-resistant , screwed coil system
  • Increased leak-tightness with welded plunger guiding tube
  • Safe opening with hard-coupled piston system
  • Explosion proof versions
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Servo-assisted 2/2 way diaphragm valve

Servo-assisted 2/2 way diaphragm valve

Type 6281

  • Servo-assisted diaphragm with diameter of up to DN50
  • Vibration-proof, central screwed coil system
  • Damped design for quiet closing
  • Service-friendly manual override
  • Explosion-proof versions
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