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Extrusion & calibration

Profile accuracy with temperature control with our Modular Process Control Platform  

Benefits for you

  • Reliable and safe
  • Adaptation through modular design
  • Highly dynamic temperature control
  • Ready to install

Extrusion techniques are now widely used in the manufacture of many products: plastic window frames, aluminium rails as brackets, cable ducts and cosmetics bottles, as well as many kinds of plates, pipes and profiles with constant cross-sections. Irrespective of whether the item to be manufactured is of metal, plastic, carbon fibres or any other material, it must have a uniform profile without either distortion or variations in the dimensions. The decisive factor in achieving this involves maintaining the correct process temperatures exactly and in a reproducible manner.

How you will benefit

This is where the Modular Process Control Platform is at a clear advantage. As a complete process temperature regulation system, this solution automates the controlled heating of the extruder sections and targeted cooling in the subsequent calibration stations. This allows highest levels of quality to be achieved in a straightforward way, because the number of cooling points and nozzles can be varied, and each can be equipped with a dedicated, decentralized control unit.

Application Extrusion and calibration

Controlled cooling and vacuum calibration of extrusion profiles

More examples of use with our Modular Process Control Platform:

Automated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systemsAutomated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systems

The quality of the final results is always the key focus, regardless of whether you operate or manufacture aluminium casting systems (die casting, gravity die casting). To achieve this, a precisely adapted cooling system plays an important role. Bürkert offers state-of-the-art technologies for the closed-loop control of cooling media. We cover all required levels of complexity – from the delivery of individual valves, actuators and sensors to compact and automated system solutions and complete media cabinets.