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Foodstuffs extrusion

Ensuring optimal with our Modular Process Control Platform

Benefits for you

  • Placement close to the extruder
  • High degrees of operational safety
  • System durability
  • Easy-to-service modular construction

Extrusion is the central process in the production of many foodstuff s and feedstuff s. Extruders knead, mix, cook and portion cereals, cornflakes and pasta, textured proteins, vitaminized rice and pet foods, for instance. Along with sophisticated technology and a lot of processing know-how, temperature control represents a decisive factor.


To ensure that the products have a uniform quality, consistency and taste, the processing temperatures have to be carefully and reproducibly controlled. For instance, any cooking process needs to be timed very exactly. Generally, several different product recipes are involved, so the process temperature regulation also has to be flexible and it must be possible to automate it reliably. Finally, high levels of operating and product safety as well as energy efficiency across the whole process are important goals as well. The robust valve technology in the Modular Process Control Platform can fulfil these requirements in all respects.

Applicaton Extrusion Food

Exact temperature regulation in an extruder unit

More examples of use with our Modular Process Control Platform:

Automated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systemsAutomated and individual cooling solutions for your die-casting systems

The quality of the final results is always the key focus, regardless of whether you operate or manufacture aluminium casting systems (die casting, gravity die casting). To achieve this, a precisely adapted cooling system plays an important role. Bürkert offers state-of-the-art technologies for the closed-loop control of cooling media. We cover all required levels of complexity – from the delivery of individual valves, actuators and sensors to compact and automated system solutions and complete media cabinets.